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WPMS - 7th/8th Physical Education


*HELLO and WELCOME to Woodland Park Middle School Physical Education!


AttendanceEach day a student attends, dresses out, and participates with effort in class, he/she receives 10 points. Students receive 0 points when absent or unable to participate in Physical Education Class. Students have the opportunity and the responsibility to make up lost points.


Dressing-outStudents are required to 'Suit Up' everyday for Physical Education. A complete uniform consists of black PE shorts, a gray PE shirt, socks, and athletic shoes laced properly and tied securely. Students with long hair must tie it back out of their faces with their own hair tie, rubber band or sweat band. Students may (and are encouraged to) wear sweatshirts/sweatpants (preferably black/grey) when the weather dictates. All PE shorts, shirts and sweats must be clearly marked with the student’s last name in BLACK ink.

Uniforms will be sold during the “7th & 8th Grade Orientation” in August as well as the first week of school (Uniforms are also available throughout the school year) for the following prices:

            Shirt = $6.00   Shorts = $10.00            Total = $16.00

(We strongly recommend having an extra set of PE clothes just in case you forget yours.)


Locks and lockers: Each student will be assigned their own locker and issued a lock. Combination locks will be provided by the PE department. It is VERY important that students do not reveal their combination to anyone.  Students must LOCK ALL OF THEIR BELONGINGS UP EVERYDAY to prevent theft.  WPMS is not responsible for lost or stolen items in the locker room.  If a student loses a lock, they will be required to pay a $6.00 replacement fee. NO PERSONAL LOCKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Daily participation:

Dressing out = 5 points

Exercises, Warm-ups & Activity = 5 points


Making up lost pointsAbsences and non-suits can seriously detract from a student’s grade. Students with excused absences may make up their lost points within a week upon returning to school by completing Sports Reports and running Make-up Laps. Each PE day missed requires completion of one Sports Report and one Make-up Lap. A medical note from a parent can excuse a student for one to three days – after which a DR’s NOTE is required to excuse a student from participation in PE. If students are unable to attend P.E. for more than 10 consecutive school days (i.e. vacation, Medical, etc.) arrangements to make up missed points may be made with their teacher. Sports Reports are available in the locker room, and Make-up Laps must be arranged with the student’s PE teacher. If a student is absent or excused on Mile Day, he/she must complete a make-up mile as scheduled by the teacher incorporating the same guidelines as the Weekly Mile. 




Non-Suits: A ‘Non Suit’ will result in a student losing 5 Points for that day.

NOTE: Every Student is expected to “Suit Up” Every Day! J

Students without a PE Uniform must obtain a “Loaner Uniform” from the PE Teacher.


Accumulation of Non-Suits during a grading period will affect a student’s grade in the following manner:

2 Non-Suits = B as highest grade

3 Non-Suits = C as highest grade; detention; parent phone call; student given loaner uniform.

4 Non-Suits = D as highest grade;        “                                          “

5 Non-Suits = F as highest grade;         “                                          “

6 Non-Suits = Referral for Thursday PM School


Grading: A student’s grade is determined by the number of points earned as a percentage of those available as follows: 90% = A; 80% = B; 70% = C; 60% = D; 59-0% = F

*Following the rules of conduct, demonstrating fair play, positive peer and social interaction and sports etiquette determines their Citizenship Grade (NO BULLYING).


P.E. Activities:

Students will typically participate 3 days each week in a Fitness Activity (Mile, Sit-n-Reach, Trunk Lift, Curl-ups, Push-ups, and/or activities that promote fitness levels) which will be recorded in their own personal 'SPORTFOLIO', and 2 days each week in a Sport Unit (Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Hockey, Football and Basketball).


If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact your students PE teacher:


Thank You!   J


Mrs. Deborah Goschke (X3902)




Also . . .


Mr. Gary Keeton (X3903)           



Mrs. Kimberley Cole (X3816)