San Elijo Elementary School

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Elementary Physical Education
Grading Rubric

 Your child will be given a citizenship grade in PE. I grade on three main things: Participation, Effort and Behavior. We will not grade students on ability. Students will do well in my PE class if they are participating in the activities, showing their best effort, staying on task and exhibiting good behavior. 





Needs Improvement


Student is always following directions and staying on-task Students is usually following directions and staying on-taskStudent is often not following directions and often off-taskStudent is not following directions and off-task most of the time
Student goes above and beyond by participating and showing their best effortStudent is usually participating and showing their best effortStudent is often not participating in class activities and is not showing their best effortStudent does not participate in class activities and is not putting forth effort in class
Student always has great sportsmanship and motivates or helps others Student shows good sportsmanshipStudent may not always have good sportsmanshipStudent is ofen not showing good sportsmanship 



Last Modified on February 8, 2016