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Elementary Physical Education
Grading Rubric

In grading Physical Education in the elementary grades, three areas are taken into consideration. They are participation, effort and sportsmanship. In Physical Education, students are expected to participate in a safe manner. This is accomplished by following the leader’s instructions. Everyone is expected to do their best while encouraging their classmates to try each of the new skills. Sportsmanship is a skill modeled and developed during the elementary years.  In addition to the three important aspects of the physical education program, we also take into consideration discipline problems when grading students. Please read our discipline procedures page to understand those procedures. Following is the rubric that is used to assess student’s participation, effort and sportsmanship during Physical Education class:






Needs Improvement


Follows the leader’s directions and attempts the skills on a daily basisFollows the leader’s directions most of the timeTalking while directions are given causing inappropriate participationConsistently talking while directions are given
An attentive listener and respectful to the learning environmentAttempts new skills when demonstrated and encouragedNeeds to improve respect for the learning environmentDisrupting the learning environment and not showing respect for others
Encourages others to participate, assists others when appropriateIs focused on the activities presentedAttempts at redirection are unsuccessfulNumerous attempts at redirection have been unsuccessful
Is an excellent example for others to followMakes wise choices most of the timeActing in an unsafe manner towards themselves and/or othersStudent refuses to participate
One or no disciplinary "sit-outs"Two disciplinary "sit-outs"Not participating when directedIs consistently unsafe towards themselves and/or others
Easily distracted and not focused on the activitiesTwo or more PE Student Reports sent home as a result of 6 or more "sit-outs"



Last Modified on March 10, 2015