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Nominations of officers for the WPMS PTO are officially open for the 2010-2011 school year.  The PTO needs volunteers with integrity, a positive attitude, and a sense of responsibility and commitment to our students.  Please consider giving your time and effort to benefit your child’s quality of education.  Many of us are busy and involved in other activities; however, these positions directly benefit your child’s education.  So please consider becoming an important part of our school and GET INVOLVED!


If you would like to be nominated for one of the following positions, please print out this form or come by the front office at WPMS, submit your name and phone number on the form and return it to the front office at WPMS before May 10th 2010.   


The following is a brief description of each position:


v      President - The President is responsible to preside at all PTO Executive Board and General Membership meetings.  The President appoints the Budget Committee and helps in preparing the yearly budget.  The President is also an “ex-officio” member of all committees and helps to arrange all committees.

v      First Vice-President - The First Vice President shall assume the office of President, both in temporary and permanent circumstances.  The First Vice President is the coordinator of fundraising efforts and arranges for parent volunteers.

v      Second Vice-President - The Second Vice President helps arrange all committees, acts as liaison between school administration and parents to promote good communication, coordinates the PTO portion of the school website and membership drives. 

v      Secretary - The Secretary has the task of keeping accurate records of the proceedings of each meeting of the PTO and Executive Board meetings.  Minutes are prepared by the Secretary and distributed to all interested parties. 

v      Parliamentarian - The Parliamentarian gives necessary advice in parliamentarian procedure when requested at the regular monthly meetings, is the committee chairperson of any by-law revision committee, and keeps notes throughout the year on any recommended changes.

v      Treasurer - The Treasurer receives, collects, deposits, renders receipts, and pays out all money subject to the order of the organization.  The Treasurer has signature authority along with the President, and keeps an accurate account of all money received and expended, as well as prepares a report in writing for each monthly meeting. The Treasurer is the chairperson of the Budget Committee.  The Treasurer works along with VDEF who closes the books on the last day of May, gives the books to the auditor to audit on an annual basis, is responsible for the completion and filing of all tax forms, and files tax exempt status at both the state and federal levels annually.


In addition to these Executive Board positions, there are various chairperson positions that will be appointed by the President.  These include:  E-Scrip Coordinator and Student Store Coordinator.   If you are interested in one of the chairperson positions, please indicate on the form below and you will be contacted.  If you have any questions contact Ms. Kurylo at 760-290-2471.


(Please complete and return to Woodland Park Middle School before May 10th.)


I would like to submit my name in nomination for the following position:


__________PRESIDENT                                 __________PARLIAMENTARIAN


__________1ST VICE PRESIDENT                __________SECRETARY                                                                                                                            

__________2ND VICE PRESIDENT            __________TREASURER




__________E-SCRIP COORDINATOR                __________STUDENT STORE COORDINATOR



Name_______________________________________________Phone_________________________ email ____________________


INTEREST STATEMENT:  Please write a brief summary of your interest in the position you selected.









Return this form to:  1270 Rock Springs Rd., San Marcos, CA 92069 or return it to the Front Office.

All forms are to be given to Ms. Kurylo, Assistant Principal.

Last Modified on April 28, 2010