San Elijo Middle School

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Attendance Clerk

Cesiah Currie- Attendance Clerk
760.290.2830 (24 hour voicemail)
760.290.2814 (Direct Line) 


Please notify us each day that your student is absent!
Each absence from school must be reported to the Attendance Office by a parent/guardian within 72 hours of occurrence, as required by state law. 

Direct all messages regarding absences and/or tardies to the Attendance Office rather than to your student's teacher(s). While you may certainly take the extra step to notify the teacher(s), it is in Attendance that all record-keeping takes place.


Each absence from school must be reported to the Attendance Office by a parent/guardian, as required by state law.  Notify us EVERY day that your student is absent.  If we do not hear from a parent/guardian regarding your student’s absence, we will attempt to telephone you in the evening.  Your student must bring a note to the Attendance Office before school on the day she/he returns only if you have not already contacted us about the absence.

Excused absences are those due to an illness, a medical appointment, a court appearance, a death in the family or a religious holiday.  Please understand that all absences are considered unexcused until we hear from a parent/guardian. 

Repeated unexcused absences for all or part of the school day, including absences from school without knowledge or consent of parents and/or unexcused tardiness, constitutes truancy under the State Education Code.  Students who have numerous unexcused absences, tardies, or truancies from school may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) for official intervention.


When your student arrives late to school for any reason, please direct him/her to check in at the Campus Check In/Out Station next to library and receive a pass to class. Bear in mind that students may check in unaccompanied by an parent, but we are not able to accept a child’s word to excuse tardiness. Please send a signed note or phone or email ahead to explain why your student is arriving late.

State law requires pupils to attend their assigned classes every day school is in session.  Any student missing more than 12 days for any one class in a semester may not receive a passing grade for that class.  All absences not cleared by a note, or parent phone call to the Attendance Office within 72 hours, will be considered truant and the student may be assigned a Thursday PM/Saturday School.  The absence must be cleared for the truancy to be removed.  Parent requests for early dismissal or late arrival due to medical appointments and family emergencies will be permitted.  The student must be signed out from the Attendance Office by an adult listed on the student’s emergency card prior to leaving campus. 

Excused Absence/Tardy: (Make up work allowed)

  • Personal illness
  • Serious illness or death in the immediate family
  • Medical and dental appointments
  • Funerals
  • Call to court/detained by law enforcement
  • Religion

Consequences: Students with unexcused absences may be referred to an Assistant Principal for interventions and attendance make-up through Thursday PM/Saturday School.  Excessive unexcused absences/truancies may result in referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB). 


During school hours the Check in/out station is located next to the Library, off Elfin Forrest Road. Campus Supervisors are there to assist with arrivals, early release, items and messages to students. Call 760-290-2820


When moving out of the district, please do the following to insure your student’s smooth enrollment in his/her future school:

  • All books must be returned prior to leaving school.
  • Contact the Counseling Office to let them know your student’s last day of school.

Your student must go to Counseling before school on his/her last day and obtain a check out sheet for the required signatures. When steps are completed, the Registrar will supply your student with the necessary paperwork to enroll in the new school. 


District board policy requires that San Elijo Middle School has a “closed campus.”  This means once a student arrives at school, he/she is NOT allowed to leave campus at any time before school is dismissed without written permission from the office.  Any student, who leaves campus before school starts or during the school day, will be considered truant from school and will be referred to the Assistant Principals’ Office for disciplinary action. 


Parents are given an emergency card at the beginning of each school year or upon enrollment.  It is imperative all information (phone numbers, medical phone numbers, etc.) be current in case of an emergency.  If your numbers change, please contact Counseling and Attendance.  They will insure emergency information is updated.


Contact the Attendance Office early in the day (via phone call, note, or email) when an appointment will require early dismissal.  Your student will be issued a pass to meet you in the Campus Check-In Station at the necessary check-out time.  We cannot guarantee your student’s early dismissal if we do not know early enough.

Parents are required to come to the Campus Check-In Station (located next to library) to meet and sign out their student.  Students may not meet parents in the parking lot or drop-off lane.  Photo identification is required when signing out a student.  Your student will only be released to those persons listed on his/her emergency card.


Students are expected to arrive promptly to every class – everyday.  Middle schools expect that all students will be seated and ready to learn when the bell rings. When students arrive late to class, instruction is disrupted for all other students. There are consequences for excessive unexcused absences. Contact Attendance for questions.


Every student is expected to attend school daily and be on time for class.  If a student is absent from class without a valid excuse or leaves class without the teacher’s permission, he/she is considered truant.  Truancy:  Students who are truant (more than 35 minutes late to school, or ‘ditching’ part or the whole of a period) are assigned Saturday School.  This also applies in many instances of unexcused absences.

Consequences:  Parent is notified of the truancy and a Thursday PM/Saturday School may be assigned. Habitual truancy will result in a suspension from school and a referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).  The SARB process is controlled by the juvenile court system and may result in a court appearance, fine and/or a weekend in a juvenile detention facility.

Memo from Attendance Clerk
Every school-day missed puts your student more than two days behind his/her classmates. Please keep your child home only when absolutely necessary.

Consider, too, that California school funding is based on actual student attendance, NOT student enrollment. We receive funding only when students are present at school.

Attendance is important! Send your child to school--on time--every day!