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ALERT:  3/6/14: The History Assignment List and Daily calendar of assignments for both ELA and History are now found on Jupitergrades.com. This change was made in an effort to simplify learning tools for both students and parents.
Please see the History Assignment List under "Description" when you click the "Assignment Folder Due" as a link on the calendar.
Email me any questions/concerns. 
Name: Mr. Gauthier
Email Address: greg.gauthier@smusd.org
Phone number: 760-290-2455 X 3607
I teach:

6th grade History and ELA

Quick Links
California State Standards
Through 2013-2014 ELA:http:www.cde.ca.gov/re/cc/
Grades can be found at:
Other helpful links:
Green Checkmarkwww.ancientegypt.co.uk/
green checkmarkwww.ancientchina.co.uk/
green checkmarkwww.ancientgreece.co.uk/ 
Classroom Ordering Code: JGZFX
We view short videos on BrainPop in both ELA and History. Click on the
box to be linked to the site. Ask me for the Username/Password.

Geography Bee Friday 9/25

I: Introduce the topic (universal theme)
R: Restate the question
E: Explain your answer
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