• Mr. Butler

    Mission Hills High School

    Honors Biology

    Email Address: michael.butler@smusd.org
    Phone number: (760) 290-2700 ext. 3460

    The honors Biology course is designed to prepare students for AP Biology in addition to all other advanced science courses.  It includes a rigorous curriculum covering the following topics:
    Semester 1 - Scientific Method, Biochemistry, Cells, Metabolism, Cell Division, and Patterns of Inheritance.
    Semester 2 - Molecular Genetics, Evolution, Ecology, Human Physiology, and Plants.

    Because of the large volume of material to be covered, this is a fast-paced class.  I promise that there will be no busywork.  Assignments will include:  reading and outlining of chapters, completion of worksheets, and lab reports.  Students need to be self-motivated to keep up.  In case of absence, students are responsible for making up assignments in order to receive credit.