•  Responsible Use Policy

    Responsible Use Policy
    The purpose of this document is to outline San Marcos Unified School District’s Responsible Use Policy as it relates to the use of technology by staff and students. Our community of staff and students use technology to access and share information, communicate with one another, and to create products, which convey understanding and have an educational purpose. While we want our students to be active contributors in a globally connected environment, we need them to be safe, legal, and responsible. This Technology Responsible Use Policy supports our vision of digital citizenship. The policy applies to all users of San Marcos Unified School District computer networks, the resources made available by these networks, and all devices connected to these networks. 
    Important staff information about technology use in the classroom and student digital citizenship lessons. (Please note: you will need to be signed in to your staff SMUSD account to view)
Last Modified on July 25, 2017