San Marcos High School Reconstruction

Project Overview

The San Marcos High School (SMHS) Reconstruction project develops an entirely new state-of-the-art high school campus to replace the original San Marcos High School on the same plot of land. The newly reconstructed SMHS encourages a collegiate environment through specialized classrooms, student collaboration spaces, professional development offices, and a central courtyard that branches to all the new and innovative learning spaces. The new facilities provide capacity for 3000 students in approximately 425,000 square feet of building on the existing 45 acres. The new high school provides learning environment facilities for all aspects of a 21st century high school including, but not limited to: Administration Services, Gymnasium, Nutrition Services, Performing Arts Theater, Central Utilities Plant, Media Center, and classrooms for Science, Applied Arts, Career Technical Education, Music, Band, Dance, Drama, Physical Education, and Technology. Additionally, subdividing the site during the construction process allowed for a full-service temporary campus to be built on a portion of the site while the new buildings were constructed on the remainder of the site. Sustainable strategies provide healthy, efficient, and productive environments by maximizing natural daylight, energy-saving systems, and landscape opportunities.

Project Commencement: June 2011

Estimated Project Completion: January 2015

Budget from Proposition K Funds: $172,819,638 Million

Expenditures to Date: $172,819,638