Attendance Boundary Committee 2017

San Marcos Unified's new Attendance Boundary Committee has been tasked to begin their work on recommendations for the Governing Board's consideration.

We anticipate the committee's recommendations to go before the Governing Board in the early part of 2018, which they will then review and approve all or part of the recommendations. Our community will have an opportunity to comment publicly prior to the Board taking action.

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Attendance Boundary Committee Updates


Committee Update - January 2018 - MAPS AVAILABLE

On January 16, 2018, Jay Petrek (Chair of the Attendance Boundary Committee) will provide a presentation to the Governing Board regarding the two scenarios which were the consensus recommendations from the Committee. Scenario Maps are now available for public view and comment.

Committee Update - December 2017

Committee Update - December 2017

SMUSD's Attendance Boundary Committee has been developing recommendations for our Governing Board to consider no earlier than the February Board meeting.

 Attendance Boundary Committee

Committee Update - November 2017

Comprised of more than 100 individuals, with representation from each school in the District, the Attendance Boundary Committee has, so far, held two meetings. Click on "Committee Update" to read more about those meetings.

Updates Coming Soon

Updates Coming Soon

In an effort to keep our community informed on the progress of the Attendance Boundary Committee's work, we have created this area to provide updates. Check back in the month of November for future updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why was an Attendance Boundary Committee necessary?

Every few years, the Governing Board brings together representatives to study our existing boundaries, patterns of growth, and other issues related to attendance boundaries. With the new residential developments coming into our city, the Board believes it is time to review our current boundaries and consider what changes might be beneficial.

How was the Committee formed?

After the Governing Board authorized the creation of the committee, representatives were selected by each school principal. Principals were directed to select 5 parent and staff representatives from a broad spectrum of their school's community.

What will the Committee's work entail?

The Governing Board has requested the Attendance Boundary Committee develop two recommendations:

  1. Proposed adjustments to current attendance boundaries in order to ensure optimization of current student capacity at each school
  2. Proposed implementation plan/schedule of any recommended attendance boundary adjustments

Did the construction happening at several of the District's school sites have anything to do with the Committee formation

No. The construction projects at these schools were part of the master plan within the District, and they have been in the planning stage for quite some time.

Will the Committee take into consideration that families purchased their homes with the intention of their children attending certain schools?

San Marcos Unified is a distinguished and growing district, and we are proud of all of our schools. Our focus needs to be on the continued well-being of our whole community. The Attendance Boundary Committee was developed to ensure that we have adequate seats for each student served throughout the District.

How can I stay informed about the committee's progress?

We will provide updated information on our website. In addition, interested community members can SUBSCRIBE to receive emails regarding the Committee's work.