La Costa Meadow Elementary New Construction

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La Costa Meadows Elementary School opened in 1985 and currently serves kindergarten through fifth grade. The out dated campus consisted of thirty-nine portables and 1 permanent structure housing two kindergarten classrooms and administrative support facilities. La Costa Meadows Elementary School  benefited from Proposition K funds; a bond that funded replacement of portable classrooms with permanent construction to provide a safe, engaging and 21st century learning environment that will last for decades.

    New two-story, permanent classroom buildings totaling 56,511 square feet.
  • Existing administration building has been  modernized and upgraded to meet current building code standards. The Multi-purpose room modernized and expanded
  • Library was upgraded with technology and expanded to accommodate the current capacity of students enrolled in the school.
  • Reconfiguration of the parking lot to improve student drop-off and pick-up,
    improvement to curb appeal,
  • Installation of landscaping including trees to provide shaded areas in front of the school,
  • New shade structure and  playgrounds thru out campus 


  • Final cost $33,228,000

Project Status:

  • Phase l:  100 % Complete
  • Phase ll: 100% Complete
  • Phase lll: 100% Complete

Prop K Overview for La Costa Meadows Elementary
New Construction and modernization - using Prop K Funds.