Copy Room Services

Copy Room Services 

Copy Room hours: 7:00am to 3:30pm
*Please allow up to three weeks processing time for your copy job*

The San Marcos Unified School District provides xerographic services for all of its sites and departments. Whenever possible, District staff should utilize the Copy Room for their copying needs rather than using an outside printer.

Copy Services currently offered are:
*Comb Binding
*Copying ($0.025 cost per copy)
*Folding and Inserting into Envelopes
*Saddle Stitching
Orders must be submitted along with a Copy Request Order Form. These forms may be ordered on an electronic Stock Requisition from the District Warehouse, District Form No. 10037-R1. Questions on the completion of the form may be directed to the Duplicating Clerk at (760) 752-1232.

The originator is responsible for:

1. Assembling copy material in proper order and submitting a "copy ready" document.

2. Completing Copy Request Order Form with quantities, colors, and all instructions clearly noted.

3. Supplying the envelopes required for a folding and inserting job.

SMUSD envelopes may be ordered from the District Warehouse on an electronic Stock Requisition. Please provide 5-10% more than what is required for your ordering order to allow for jamming. Envelopes are stocked in standard quantities of 500 envelopes per box and delivery time from the Warehouse is two to three working days, so please plan accordingly. The Warehouse staff will deliver your envelope order directly to the Copy Room if you note on the electronic Stock Requisition that you would like this done. The date and name of the Copy Order job that they are designated for should also be noted so that your envelopes get matched up to your Copy Order. 



  • Provide an original document printed on white 8.5 x 11 paper.
  • Document should be of good quality (i.e. clean; no smudges, dirt, holes, or stray marks of any kind).
  • Paper needs to be flat (no curls, wrinkles, or folds)
  • No staples.
  • No tape.

Note: Original documents will be returned to you if they are not “copy ready.”

Due to copyright infringement laws, Copy Services will not copy any books.