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    Hard To Believe that 2017 Is Nearly Gone

    We've had a great start of the school year and, as we head toward the end of the calendar year, it's amazing to think about how much more I still want to do and to teach. I think I'm going to have to petition for a 400 day year as these 365 day years are simply not enough.


    My first year students are already deep into 3D CAD and Architecture. I don't know about them, but I'm having a blast. I am addicted to pretty much everything I teach anyway. They are beginning to design furniture and more in preparation for furnishing the home that they will be creating. I love watching their creativity.

    My Advanced Technology class has been split in two. Some of the students are knee deep into robotics while the other half is pushing the limits of their creativity and engineering skills as they work on developing a new idea for their P4 (Patent Process Prototyping Project). 

    As for what's in store for 2018...there is, and always will be more to come. I spend a lot of time working on new, innovative, creative and relevant curriculum that will continue to push, challenge and engage all of my students as I lead them closer toward their future.

    To all of my students, their parents, families, friends and more, I wish you all a wonderful, safe and healthy entry into this new year ahead of us and I, as I do every day, look forward to seeing you all in 2018.

    Mr. Brooks