• Hello Parents/Students:
    8th Grade is all about developing high school independence, collaboration, and a civic voice!   I will be reminding parents to send their child to speak with Mr. Love first.
    Therefore, please send your child to take care of his/her education before-school, during-lunch, and after-school for personal help.
    I'm here to help all students with any individual needs: just visit!
    • We need to help our 8th graders to develop the skill of being his/her #1 educational advocate.

    • Come talk about grades, homework, projects,  personal matters, and your best excuse for more time :)
    • "I am responsible for myself at SEMS"

    • I use class time for the class lesson! Every minute counts...


    Name: Che Love
    Email Address: che.love@smusd.org
    Phone number: 760-290-2800, ext 3755

    Click Link: East Coast Trip 
    which will take you to Mr. Palmer's website "East Coast Trip Tab"
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    LATE WORK is accepted, but a penalty is applied!

    -10% (1 day late)
    -25% (2-5 days late) 
    -50% (6 days-18 weeks late) 
    We work towards completion :)