• Teaching American History

    Foundations Project

    Integrating American History, Language Arts, and Technology

    San Marcos Unified School District was recently awarded the highly prestigious Teaching American History Grant from the Department of Education. As a result, elementary teachers are able to receive professional development training in the "foundations" of American history.
    Professional Development Goals:
    • Increase History Content Knowledge for Teachers
    • Integrate History Content into English Language Arts
    • Utilize Web 2.0 Technology as an Instructional Tool
    • Increase Student Knowledge of American History
    • Utilize Historical Thinking and Content Literacy Skills
    • Foster a History Based Professional Learning Community
    Please Visit our Foundations Blog and Foundations Wiki

    Contact Information:

    Yvonne Fojtasek, Grant Coordinator yvonne.fojtasek@smusd.org or by phone 760-290-2000  
    Adina Sullivan, Technology Trainer adina.sullivan@smusd.org
    Bill Kerney, Evaluator, Anodyne Professional Development Systems, bkerney@hotmail.com
Last Modified on January 23, 2014