• Hello! Welcome to Kathryn Roberts-Hegyi's Page!

    Name: Kathy Roberts-Hegyi
    Email Address: kathryn.roberts@smusd.org
    Phone number: 760-290-2800 ext. 3257                
     Wish list:  Jamba Juice & Amazon gift cards
    Donations are always welcomed for graph paper, lined paper, pencils or mechnical pencils, pencil lead (0.7) & soft tissues for our delicate noses.
      Once we have a chapter test, late homework is due. Again, late homework will not be accepted after the chapter test.
    Student supplies are listed below. 

     Please have a math spiral notebook the second day of school (with 100 or more pages).  This will be used just for math!  Do not tear out the pages or use for other subjects.  Classwork/warm-ups/notes & homework will go in these pages for math only.
    Student supplies:
    *    Whiteboard marker (for example: Expo markers). 
    Two pencils with eraser or mechanical
        pencils with extra lead.
    • a handheld pencil sharpener that catches the shavings
    Lined paper.
    *    Ruler 
    *  Graph paper.
    *  Colored pencils.
    *   Glue Sticks 
    *    Math Folder  (Also, the school requests a 3-ring binder that is at least 2")
    * Scientific calculator (needed semester II). 
    *soft tissues for your delicate noses (if you have allergies or colds).
     Be respectful, responsible and safe.
    Welcome to our classroom web page. Please check back for help and resources to ensure your success in class.



    Classroom Rules

    1.  Follow instructions the first time they are given.

    2.   Be prompt.  All students must be in their seats when the bell rings.

          3.  Come prepared. Be respectful, responsible and use safety procedures.


    4.   Be respectful of the teacher as well as other  students in the class.  
          5.   All School Rules as given in the planner will be enforced in this room  i.e. gum, candy, food...etc.



            Academic:  (A,B,C,D,F)  

           90%  Tests, quizzes, benchmark exams
       10% Homework/CW/Notes/Class Participation 
    Citizenship: (Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory)

       Follows class rules and directions, respects others and property, promotes a positive learning environment.


    Effort: (Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory)

    Completes class work, stays on task in class, works to the best of his/her ability, seeks help when needed.


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