Mr. Boyens
    San Elijo Middle School
    Grade 6- Ancient History/Expo
    August 2017
    Ancient History- Welcome to 6th Grade.  We are about to set out on an amazing journey.  Starting with early man, we will explore the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, India, China, Greece, and Rome.  It's a full load of historical figures, culture, beliefs, customs, and accomplishments of these ancient people.  Come expecting to learn more than you can imagine, and with a will to succeed.
    Expo-To start the year we will join the Brainology curriculum, examining how the human brain works and grows.  This will allow students to consider the opportunity to increase the learning power of their brain, and how it can expand its own strength.  
     Golden Eagle Introduction-
       Hello Eagles.  My name is Scott Boyens, gr.6 Ancient History/Expo Teacher.  This is my 3rd year as a Golden Eagle.  I'm quite excited to be part of the family here at San Elijo MS, and look forward to a very productive, rewarding learning experience here at the top Middle School in San Diego!
       I'm entering my 28th year of teaching, the first year in Escondido at Oak Hill Elementary, and the last 27 years here in San Marcos at Alvin Dunn, Discovery, and San Marcos Middle.  That's 15 years at the elementary level, and the past 12 in middle school.  
     I wouldn't want to be working anyplace else in this county.
       Married to Mary(37 years), with daughters Joy(36) and Abby(34), we make our home in North Escondido.  My interests include grand children(6), golf(Mission Hills Varsity Girls Head Coach), basketball (girls/boys basketball/SEMS& Coastal Elite Club Ball), and music.  My work is a source of joy in my life, and it's because of the great families I'm honored to serve in San Marcos.  
    Google Classroom  (https://classroom.google.com/h)
        Please copy/paste the above link into your address bar, and then choose your Ancient History Class to view all student work that is required to be entered into the Interactive Notebook.  This is where you need to be to keep up with all required work for our Ancient History classes.  All Expo classes have a classroom set up in Google Classroom as well.  Students will have a code to enter into their Google account, which triggers membership in their Google Classes. 
        Student supplies for history include;
    1- most important item!    The INB(Interactive Notebook)
    Mead 5-star wire bound, 5-subject notebook.  College Rule/8.5X11.  This INB will be used daily in class and will accumulate student work the entire year.  Please acquire this item asap:) 
    2- pencil sharpener- 
    3- a good set of colored pencils for illustrations and map work-
    4- highlighters-
    5- ear buds for chrome book use.  Technology will play a huge role for instruction and student projects, and that means sometimes listening to sound clips and using sound for slideshow creations- 
       -sanitizing wipes
       -liquid hand cleaners
       -soft cloth book covers 
       -extra 5 subject student notebook
    Thanks so much!  Call or email any questions/comments and I will get back to you quickly. 
    Mr. Boyens
    Ancient History/Expo 6
    760-290-2588 x3803
    Mr. B  
    ~use Chrome as your web browser for Google Documents and Google Classroom 
    ~History Syllabus