Welcome Back Bulldogs!

    Happy 20th Anniversary! That’s right, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Woodland Park becoming a middle school. The 2017/18 school year will be special in so many ways. We are in the second year of our new school-wide vision and are geared up to narrow our vision’s focus into specific initiatives that will make the experience at WPMS a dynamic and rigorous one.

    We continue to focus on serving our 6th students and families as they make this important step into secondary education. Last year, we started the WEB program to serve as a transition program for our new Bulldogs. In its first year, we saw tremendous improvement in student engagement, a decrease in student misconduct, and significant gains in 6th grade academic achievement. We can’t wait to leverage this momentum for another great year of WEB. In the classroom, 6th grade teachers have collaborated to offer AVID strategies to all 6th graders so they’ll be more prepared academically for the challenges of middle school. These strategies will focus on organization, grit, and ownership.

     One of the key tenets of our school-wide vision is “leadership”. We see our 7th and 8th graders as leaders, not only on campus, but also in our community. Last year our school tripled the number of clubs and co-curricular activities that gave our young leaders hands on experience at stewardship. ASB, WEB, and AVID have already been active on campus weeks before school started to gear up for the school year. Their rally call has been “We Got Your Back!” and their influence has permeated our front office and staff.

     So this year, we commit to having your back. Regardless of the successes or challenges that face us in this coming year we commit to doing all we can, as a staff and learning community to always have your back. Happy 20th Anniversary Woodland Park Middle School and let’s make this our best year yet!


    “We Got Your Back!”


    Woodland Park Middle School

    WPMS is committed to building a community cultivating leadership, compassion, and perseverance. We believe all students are scholars who will meet or exceed grade-level proficiencies- prepared for high school and beyond.

    This new vision will guide our decisions and will focus our attention on the key elements that we feel are essential for the students of our community to thrive beyond middle school. Let me quickly break down a few key elements: 

    “Community”- Our staff overwhelmingly believes that we thrive when we are part of community that works together, interdependent on each other’s skills. “It takes a village to raise a child…”

    “Leadership”- We believe every student is capable of being a leader in his or her own unique way. We want to empower our students by teaching essential skills like empathy, respect, organization, and communication so they are able to serve our community and shape the future.

    “Compassion”- Compassionate classrooms lead to a more positive classroom culture because all students feel that they belong. Teaching students the skills to foster compassion will propel them forward with confidence and self-esteem

    “Perseverance- Understanding that adversity and set-backs are key components to learning and personal development is important for our students to grasp. Teaching our students how to approach school and life with a growth mindset will help make success attainable to all students.

    “All students will meet or exceed grade-level proficiencies”- This is the foundation for everything that we do as a school. This galvanizes our commitment to prepare every student for high school and beyond by propelling them towards or beyond grade level expectations. Students all come to school at different proficiency levels and unique skill sets. Here at WPMS we commit to setting up every student for success.