• Hello Parents and Students!

    Welcome to the world of science.  This year, teachers across the district are officially going to start implementing Next Generation Science Standards.  We are focusing on asking the kids to use materials creatively and to problem solve like engineers.  If you have questions, please ask your student's individual teacher.
    8th Grade Physical Science (CA State Standards)
    8th grade studies Physical Science. The following areas and skills will be covered:
    • Motion
    • Forces
    • Structure of Matter
    • Earth in the Solar System
    • Reactions
    • Chemistry of Living Systems
    • Periodic Table
    • Investigation and Experimentation
    8th Grade Teachers
    Mrs. Cobb – Room 307
    Ms. DelPago - Room 307
    Mr. Garnier – Room 303
    Mr. Adams – Room 306
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    Username - grade8
    Password - science1
    7th Grade NGSS Integrated Model (7th Grade NGSS Standards)
    The 7th grade guiding concept is that "Natural processes and human activities cause energy to flow and matter to cycle through Earth’s systems."  Students in 7th grade look at what Earth is made of at an atomic level - and how these atoms cycle through various physical and chemical configurations all over the globe.  Ultimately, this cycle of matter and energy affect how living things act and react.
    7th Grade Teachers
    Mrs. Marks – Room 305
    Ms. Klink- Room 304 
    Mrs. Osborn and Mrs. Halker - Room 613

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    Username grade7
    Password - science1
    6th Grade NGSS Integrated Model (6th Grade Standards)
    In the NGSS model the guiding concept in 6th grade is that "systems within organisms and between them are adapted to Earth's climate systems."  To that end, we investigate body systems to see how we adapt to the world around us, and how genetics play a role in the traits that organisms receive.  We also look into how weather and climate are affected by energy received from the sun, and how this energy travels to all parts of earth.
    6th Grade Teachers
    Ms. Janes- Room 302
    Mrs. Felix - Room 609
    Mrs. Osborn and Mrs. Halker - Room 613
    Earth Science
    Click the book for online access:
    Username - grade6
    Password - science1
    8th S 
    2017- 8th Grade Sexual Health Documents and Resources
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