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    The Excalibur Knights of San Marcos High School are highly involved mentors who maintain and promote a balance between academics, leadership, and extracurricular activities, working to inspire and relate to future Knights and the wider community. 

    During the 2017-2018 school year, the Excalibur Knights program began to shift its values and mission to better align with both the San Marcos High School mission of “Empowering Personal Growth and Honorable Contributions” and the formative idea that a well rounded, involved, and balanced student with high academic achievements truly represents  the ideal candidate for all post-secondary choices. The idea of balance, leadership, and mentorship, in conjunction with high academic success, has become the underlying foundation of the Excalibur Knights, solidifying their existence into the legacy of San Marcos High School.

    With overall GPA being only one qualification of success, our 24 Excalibur Knights for the 2018-2019 school year will represent one true example of what it means to be a role model and leader at every level. Excalibur Knights will provide important leadership to our clubs and organizations, to our extracurricular teams and programs, and throughout the local community. They will excel at effective communication; demonstrate skill in building and fostering relationships; maintain high levels of integrity in academics; and embody and live out all components of Knight PRIDE each and every day.

    The San Marcos High School Excalibur Knights, in the tradition of their namesakeuniquely characterize the qualities of knowledge, leadership, and community building, inspiring current and future Knights for generations to come.


    Excalibur Knights Eligibility and Selection Process

    Eligibility and Selection process:

    1. During second semester, all current 11th grade students with a 4.0 “cumulative”* GPA will be invited to apply to become an Excalibur Knight. (*”cumulative” GPA will be determined by 2nd semester, 2nd progress report).
    2. Invited and interested students will submit an application shortly after the GPA calculations.
    3. Eligible applications will then be evaluated in regards to involvement in leadership, mentorship, and extracurricular activities and desire to inspire current and future Knights, all determined by written responses on the application.
    4. Selected applicants will then be invited to interview with a panel that may include: counselors, administration, and other staff members for selection to become an Excalibur Knight.

    The Excalibur Knights represent San Marcos High School while serving as mentors to younger students and include the following duties:

    • Maintain excellent citizenship and grades
    • Be a positive role model both on and off campus
    • Represent Excalibur Knights in various settings at San Marcos High School (ex. Graduation, Knighthood Assembly, classroom activities, tutoring, etc.)
    • Represent Excalibur Knights in various settings out in the community (ex. Visits to the middle schools, parent nights, etc.)



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