• ROP Floral Design


    ROP Floral design according to the San Diego Regional Occupational Program's website:

    This course provides entry-level training in the growing, wholesale and retail floriculture industries. Employment possibilities include flower/foliage grower, floral designer, florist shop salesperson and/or manager, merchandise supplier/deliverer. Instruction covers the following areas: caring for and selecting plants, soil components/mixing, the principles of floral design, flower preparation and design, identification of materials and tools. Students gain hands-on experience by creating corsages, boutonnieres, and many different styles of arrangements from flowers they grow or select. Students use equipment which includes propagation and transplanting tools, tillage and fertilizing equipment, floral designing tools, refrigerated floral displays, cash register and computer. Approximately 180 hours of attendance are required for course completion, although completion depends upon the student's entry-level skills and rate of progress in the class.


    Arrangement from Fall 2014


    Contact Rob Gaebe for more information at rob.gaebe@smusd.org 

    or 760-290-2238





Last Modified on October 13, 2014