• Brody Barrios: PE, Weight Training, Wrestling
    Email Address: brody.barrios@smusd.org

     Hard Work! Outstanding Student Performance!
    Willis Curls
    Willis loves curls! 2nd Period Advanced Weight Training.
    Erik Hernandez
    Erik "Mighty Mouse" Hernandez max Deadlifting.
    1st Period Weight Training. 12/16/14.
    Sal Zaragoza Overhead Squats
    Sal Zaragoza Overhead Squats with perfect form.
    2nd Period Advanced Weight Training. 12/12/14.
    Wade Johnson Deadlift
    Wade Johnson reps heavy on the Deadlift.
    2nd Period Advanced Weight raining. 12/1114.
    Cyrus Butler
    Cyrus Butler working on his "Beach Muscles" in 3rd period Weight Training.
    Eddie Jacobo
    Eddie Jacobo getting low on the Front Squats.
    1st Period Weight Training. 12/10/14.
    Erik and Hector DB Bench
    Nice spot homie! Erik Mendoza and Hector Decena pushing heavy weight on the Dumbbell Bench. 2nd Period Advanced Weight Training. 12/09/14.
    Deyanira Lopz OH Squats
    Deyanira Lopez shows great strength, balance and flexibility with perfect form Overhead Squats. 3rd Period Weight Training. 12/08/14.
    Tyler Mitchell DB Snatch
    Tyler Mitchell throwing up the Dumbbell Snatch like a beast.
    2nd Period Advanced Weight Training. 12/04/14.
    Erik Hernandez Pullups
    Erik Hernandez reps out 23 pull-ups, the essential pulling exercise!
    1st Period Weight Training. 12/03/14.
     Cheater Curls
    Trent Halgren beefing up his biceps with some Cheater Curls.
    3rd Period Weight Training. 12/02/14.


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