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    Name: Barbara Tollison
    Email Address: barbara.tollison@smusd.org    
    Phone number: 760-290-2200 X 3806

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    Mrs. Tollison Receiving a Masters Degree in Education

    Hello, and welcome to the San Marcos High School Learning Community!  We have a fantastic, positive school, and I look forward to having you join me on our educational journey. On these pages, I will make available assignment information,  slide presentations that are used in class for writing or literature activities, and links to sites that are interesting and helpful to our studies. Please feel free to contact me through school email whenever you have a question or need something emailed to you.
    My email address is barbara.tollison@smusd.org
    What you should have in class EVERY DAY:
    1. A binder section or folder with plenty of lined writing paper. You will keep any loose worksheets or materials in this.
    2. At least TWO sharpened pencils and TWO black or blue writing pens.
    3. Multi-colored Highlighter Markers.
    4. A library or personal reading book (novel or non-fiction; resource and textbooks do not count).
    5. Notecards for use with research and vocabulary activities.
    6. A notebook with at least 100 pages. This will be for note-taking, drafting, reading and writing responses, and is a major part of your grade.
     Binder and Paper Spiral Notebook Book List YA Books
    Most of these are inexpensive items that you can get locally, and at great sale prices at this time of year. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you pick up enough notebook paper to last you all year. The price in March, when you are most likely to run out, will be at least triple what it is now. I do not require that you purchase everything on this list. The counseling office has resources for school supplies and other necessary items for students for whom it is necessary. While I have a good supply of items I have purchased myself, I ask that you borrow from me quietly and before class starts so as not to disrupt the learning of others.
    I also have a generous classroom library, and of course, most of the books you will read in class are available through the textbook room or school library. 
    Other good ideas include a correction fluid, colored pencils or markers, a ruler, a large eraser, a student planning book, and your own supply of tissues and bandages.
    Do You Want to Donate to the Classroom?
    Schools and teachers are being allotted fewer dollars to purchase classroom supplies, and with higher class sizes, those supplies we do receive tend to be used quicker and quicker. During the month of back-to-school values in so many stores, please think of what I and other teachers can use to keep our classrooms supplied. Here is a list of items that I can use or pass on to other needy teachers or students:
        Copy Paper
       Lined Writing Paper
       Construction Paper
       Facial Tissues
       Colored Marker Sets
       Hand Sanitizer
       Good Reading Books
       A good-quality three-hole puncher 
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