Welcome to another thought-provoking and exhilarating year.

    History has been a passion of mine ever since I was a high school AFS student to New Zealand in 1978. I’ve translated that enthusiasm into a profession where I can learn, study, and teach about the world and its people. I know that I can transfer that same excitement to you, my students.

    This year my 9th-Grade Honors section will be correlated to the Big History Project and will include a combined English Language Arts and History-Social Science block class that meets two-hours a day throughout the year. Our main focus will be to continue building on the great foundation of skills developed in grades k-8, and polish them to near college-level mastery. In addition, we will be examining the universe through a historical lens in the exciting and innovative Big History curriculum.

    World History AP is the college-level course in world history that meets the guidelines for the AP exam in May. All students will be prepared for this exam through the study of historical content, but also by honing skills in reading, writing, and test-taking.

    In addition, this year I will be teaching AP United States Government and Macroeconomics, an opportunity to extend our understanding of the skills and society in a more focused area. And an additional section of AP US Government with CP Economics.

    Please work with me to provide the best classroom atmosphere and attitude.

    The content and skills and test-taking are our standards, but I also hope that each and every student obtains a better understanding of the world and our place as global citizens.

    Here’s looking forward to a GREAT YEAR.


    Bill Zeigler


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