• Business Services
  • Mark Schiel
  • Mark Schiel has successfully worked within various school districts for the last twelve years.  He has significant experience with budget development and monitoring procedures, long-range financial planning, risk management, managing maintenance, operations, and transportation, food services, administration, construction; and technology.
    Mark is on the Board of Trustees for Schools of California Employee Employer Trust (SCEET), as well as a member of the California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO).  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Malone College and is pursuing a Master of Science degree in School Business Leadership from Wilkes University. 
  • Business Services Department Responsibilities


    • District Financial and Business Matters
    • Preparation of Budget and Expenditure of Funds
    • Consultations and Advisement to Superintendent
    • Evaluation of Department Heads/Assignment of Duties
    • Development of Board Policies/Procedures for Business Services
    • Employee Health and Welfare Benefits
    • Administration of District Insurance Program
    • State School Program, Alternatively Financed Schools
    • Property Procurement, Bond Sales, Actual Construction
    • Negotiations, Remodels, Capital Projects, Architectural Liaisons
    • Office of Local Assistance, Office of State Architect, District Master Planning
    • Enrollment Projections, Boundary Studies, Builder's Fees
    • California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) Enrollment Report [View Report]
    • Cooperation with City, County, and State of California
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Mark Schiel Assistant Superintendent 760-752-1212 mark.schiel@smusd.org
Evonne Cordova Administrative Assistant 760-752-1212 evonne.cordova@smusd.org
FAX NUMBER 760-591-0426
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