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    Welcome to the Interact Club!

    "Service Above Self"

    Interact is a student governed club that provides opportunities for community service, social interaction, and a chance to learn leadership and teamwork skills for students. We do not charge fees and students can join Interact at any time.

    International (city of San Marcos) + Action = INTERACT!

    San Marcos High Interact is sponsored by the San Marcos Rotary Club. Through Interact Club, student Interactors will be able to

      • Broaden their horizons by getting to know the variety of people that they serve

      • Develop a strong work ethic and a sense of individual responsiblity

      • Meet new people and make new friends while improving your community

    If Interact sounds like the kind of fun and meaningful organizaton you'd like to join, contact Zach Hight at zach.hight@smusd.org. He is the new advisor effective 2016-2017.

    Please email Mr Hight for upcoming event information.
Last Modified on July 9, 2016