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    Grizzly Idol
    Grizzly Idol 2011
    Good Luck to our 3 contestants moving on to North County Idol on Saturday April 30th.
    It is at 6pm at Canyon Crest High for $5 for students.
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    Earth Day
    Earth Day
    Though we didn"t have a big earth day event like last year, here is a video that reminds students, teachers, and the public of their effects on the environment and what you can do to help.
    Take care of your Earth...Its the only one we"ve got!
    Watch Eco Rap
    Watch Earth PSA
    Grizzly Invite
    Grizzly Invite
    Track and Field host this unique meet, with such races as "Grizzly Take the Hindmost".
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    Short highlight of Mission Hills" Track and Fiele meet, the Grizzly Invite, where a race called "Grizzly take the Hindmost" involves the mascot chasing down athletes to "eliminate them from the race".
    Arts Fest 2011
    Every year the Visual and Performing Arts programs showcase their work across campus. Students, Teachers, and Staff look forward to the amazing work of our creative grizzlies.

    Dance: Watch video
    Day of Silence
    Day of Silence
    Friday, April 15th, PLUS and the Gay Straight Alliance organized participation in the National Day of Silence. On the National Day of Silence, hundreds of thousands of students nationwide take a vow of silence to bring attention to anti - gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender name-calling, bullying and harrassment in their schools and community.
    PLUS"s video: Watch video

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