• Visual and Performing Arts


    Mission Hills High School offers a balanced, comprehensive, standards-based arts program. Courses are offered in dance, music, theater and visual art. We are a team of artists and student artists, committed to pursuing excellence in our fields and collaborating to provide meaningful experiences in the arts for the school community.

    The arts:
    • Enhance and balance the curriculum
    • Provide students with opportunities to propose and solve problems
    • Expand perceptual skills
    • Celebrate the achievement of diverse cultures
    • Provide students with the creative skills to be productive participants in today’s economy
    The Visual and Performing Arts standards are grouped under the following strands:

    Artistic Perception

                What do I know?

    Creative Expression

                What can I create?

    Historical and Cultural Context

                How does it fit into culture and history?

    Aesthetic Valuing

                How do I feel about it?

    Connections, relationships, application

                How do I connect it to other subjects, to the world around me, to careers?


    Courses in Visual and Performing Arts offered at Mission Hills High School
    Dance 1

    Dance 2

    Dance Production
    Color Guard

    Concert Band

    Digital Music

    Jazz Ensemble

    Marching Band
    Beginning Drama

    Intermediate Drama                    

    Drama Production

    Technical Theater
    Visual Art
    A.P. Studio Art

    A.P. Art History


    Digital Photography

    Drawing and Painting


Last Modified on March 15, 2018