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    Name: Angelika Termin
    Email Address: angelika.termin@smusd.org
    Phone number: 760 290-2700 ext. 3455
    Room Number 455
    Biochemistry/CSUSM Chem 105: Per 4,5
    College Prep/EL Chemistry: Per 1,6

    Thank you for visiting my website!

    I am a science teacher at Mission Hills High School and love to share my enthusiasm for science with my students, parents and colleagues. My professional career has been devoted to the field of science, either as a teacher or as a researcher.
         I'm holding a B.S, a M.S and a Ph.D in Biochemistry from the University of Konstanz, Germany, my where I had the unique opportunity to learn from and work with Prof. Dr. Dirk Pette in the field of muscle biochemistry.
          Later, when I moved with my husband to the US, I  was involved in drug discovery at AMGEN pharmaceuticals.
         For the last ten years I have been teaching a variety of science subjects in different schools in San Diego county- the last eleven years at Mission Hills High School.
         In my private life, I am married and have two kids who just finished college at UC Irvine and UC Santa Cruz. 
        I am looking forward to the school year 2015/16 and I want to say 'Hi' to my 'alumni student. Hope you are doing well and good luck where ever you are.....
     BIOCHEM STUDENTS: all lectures are posted in the folders to the side
    Dr. T.
    2008 Graduation- with Sean and Dominique, 
    both former AP Bio students and presidents
    of the Red Cross Club at MHHS
    Prof. Dr. Dirk Pette