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    Cherryl T. Baker, M.S.
    School Counselor (A-Ca),
    PLUS (Peer Leaders Uniting Students) Team + Link Crew Advisor


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    Counseling Office Main Line:  (760) 290-2740

    E-mail:  cherryl.baker@smusd.org

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    A little bit about me...

    My parents are immigrants from the Philippines and my father was in the U.S.Navy.  I am the youngest of three girls.  I love my two older sisters and my two nieces (and their families) very much!  Growing up in a military family, we had to move every three years.  I have lived in such places as San Diego, Hawaii, Spain, and Japan.  I am the first in my family to attend and graduate from college.

    I live in San Marcos with my husband, Andy, our son Brendan, and our fish, Wiley.  I met my wonderful husband when we both worked at San Marcos High School.  We were both on the Design Team for MHHS and were founding staff members at MHHS.  He taught math, jazz band, coached swimming and water polo, was team leader for the math department, he was Teacher of the Year for MHHS, and is just an overall awesome person! Andy is now an Assistant Principal at Woodland Park Middle School.  Our son is in third grade at Richland Elementary School.  We enjoy activities as a family, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, camping, and anything having to do with Transformers or Star Wars. 
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    Ten Random Facts About Me:

    1.      I collect giraffes, but not real ones. (There's a story behind this one. Just ask me and I'll sit down and share it with you some time.)

    2.      I like Hello Kitty.  No deep story here.  I just grew up with pencil cases, smelly erasers that I would never use, and other cute Sanrio stuff, and it just makes me happy.

    3.      I laugh really hard at least once a day.

    4.      I love Disneyland. 

    5.      I still like to buy CD's and read the liner notes and see the artwork.  My favorite part of the liner notes is when the artists thank the people who are special to them. 

    6.      When I watch movies, I like to stay and read all the credits and I hope there's a little bit more of the movie at the end. 

    7.      I am 1/2 Filipina, 1/4 Chinese, and 1/4 Spanish.  I can understand some Tagalog and a lot of Spanish, but speaking those languages....not so much.

    8.      I recycle.

    9.      My favorite food is any Filipino food my mom makes.  Yum!

    10.  I've been a high school counselor since 1998, and I'm still learning, growing,and loving this profession more every day.  

    Below is a bit more about my educational background, work experience, professional memberships, and community involvement.
    It is truly an honor to work with students. Every day I appreciate working with such great people at MHHS. 
    We are one big Grizzly family!   Go Grizzlies!
    A message to students:
    Work hard.
    Have fun.
    When in doubt, be honest.
    Make good choices.
    Ask questions.
    Be kind to others.
    Be kind to yourself.
    And finally, be kind to your school counselor!
    A couple of my favorite quotations are:
    The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself.
    --Mark Twain

    Self-trust is the first secret of happiness.
    --Ralph Waldo Emerson

    My College Search Process Philosophy


    Who you are and what you do in college is a better predictor of future success and happiness than where you go to college.


    Successful people come from every school in the country.  A great school will never make an average person excel; a great person will excel at any college.  In short, college does not make the person.


    College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.


    ·     M.S. in Counseling and PPS (Pupil Personnel Services) Credential from San Diego State University (SDSU)
    o   SDSU School Counseling Student of the Year
    o   Completed the Community-Based Block (CBB) Program
    ·    B.A. in Psychology, with a Specialization in Education, from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    o   UCLA Resident Assistant of the Year
    o   UCLA Alumni Scholar
    Employment History
    ·        Mission Hills High School
    • Member of the MHHS Design Team and Founding Staff Member 2004
    • Counseling Department Team Leader (2005-2012)
    • Founder (in 2006) and Advisor to the MHHS Peer Leaders Uniting Students (PLUS) Program.  MHHS was first high school in San Diego County to have the PLUS Program.
    • Co-founded the MHHS Link Crew program in 2014.
    • Founder and Peer Trainer Coordinator for the Anti-Defamation League's A World of Difference Institute Peer Training Program.
    • December 2004, Staff Member of the Month
    ·        San Marcos High School
    • School Board Recognition for Exceptional Service
    ·        Palomar College
    • Instructor for Counseling 110:  College Success Skills
    ·        San Diego State University (SDSU)
    • College of Education's Department of Counseling and School Psychology Instructor for School Counseling Practicum Students and School Counselor Trainees' Fieldwork Supervisor 
      ·        University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
    •  External Reader for UC San Diego Admissions
    ·        Jefferson High School (Daly City/San Francisco Bay Area)
    • Cheer Advisor


    History of Professional Memberships and Community Involvement

    ·        American School Counselor Association

    ·        California Association for School Counselors, Founding Member of the San Diego Chapter

    ·        San Marcos Educators' Association, Executive Board Member

    ·        Western Association of College Admission Counseling (WACAC)

    ·        San Diego Asian Film Festival, Staff Member/Community Outreach Coordinator

    ·        Organization for Chinese Americans, Board Member

    ·        UCLA Alumni Association

    ·        SDSU Alumni Association

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