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    Name: Curtis Hofmeister
    Email Address: curtis.hofmeister@smusd.org
    Phone number: 760 290-2700 x2778

    Hello PE Students!


    Please complete the following assignments while the school campus is closed.

    • Daily Diet Log:  write down everything you eat Monday through Friday and record the total amount of calories that you ate that day.  The recommended daily is 1500-2,000 calories per day. (plus or minus 200 claories depending on your physcial activity).  See below for an example of your Daily Diet Log:

                                  Meal                                                                     Food                                                                           Calories                                                             

    Breakfast                                                                  1 bowl Cereal & Milk                                                     Cereal 250   Milk 90



    Lunch                                                                      1 bowl Chicken Cesear Salad                                          Salad 570



    Dinner                                                                     2 Slices Veggie Pizza light on chesse                               Pizza 520



    Total Calories: 1430


    • Exercise Log:  complete an indoor activities log.  Record all of your physical activity Monday through Friday.  You may complete any of the following exercises: stretch, core strengthening such as abs, plank, holding push-up pose, strengthening activities such as squats, lunges, dips and push ups.  If anyone in your family has workout videos this can be fun and a great workout!  See example below:

                      Day                                                                                  Exercise                                                                       Time

    Monday                                                                  Core & Strength Exercises                                      30 min



    Tuesday                                                                  Yoga Video                                                             60 min



    Wednesday                                                              Indoor incline home treadmill                                45 min






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