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    Psychology Concepts  
    Psychology is designed to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals. There are over 172 careers that require psychology as part of the basic college education requirement! Taking psychology in high school will help you personally and with your future career no matter what your major will be. I hope you will enjoy the class and learn invaluable information about yourself and the people in your life.
  • 7th edition psychology book
     Congratulations on making a great choice to benefit yourself personally and academically. AP  Psychology will push you academically to be an independent college ready student all while helping to understand yourself and those around you as you navigate your teen years mentally. Most importantly with proper studying and preparation you will be confident in the AP exam and hopefully will earn college credit for this course. Whether you plan to be a psychology major or any other of the 172 majors that require basic psychology as part of their preparation, this class will prove to be valuable to you.  I look forward to our time together.
    PLEASE NOTE: Many of the materials posted on this site are not mine nor created by me.  I do not take credit for them, but am grateful for the access to great resources provided online by other teachers of AP Psychology like me trying to prepare our students for the AP Psychology Exam each year! 
  • thinking about Psychology
     This course will provide a basic introduction to Psychology and is great A-G Social studies elective. You will grow both personally and intellectually from this class. It will include brief descriptions and explorations of current psychological theories and concepts.  Students will learn basic skills in psychological research and review other important topics that psychology deals with.    Finally, students should be able to apply psychological concepts to their own lives and the world around them, so as to increase self-awareness and psycho-social skills
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