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    Name: Marina Fonseca-Villa
    Subjects: English, English SE and English Supp
    Email Address: marina.fonseca@smusd.org
    Phone number: 760-290-2555 ext. 3511

    Hola and thank you for visiting my page!

    Teaching Philosophy
    I am a true believer that every child deserves the right to a healthy and safe life in school, at home, and within society. As an educator, a mother, and a citizen, I believe I have a responsibility to help those whom I am entrusted to teach, care for, or assist.  Creating a safe environment for every student in my classroom is and will be a priority in my teaching career. As a teacher, I need to consider the lay out of the classroom, the accessibility for any materials being used in the classroom, and the assurance that I am prepared to teach.  
     About Me!  
    Resident of the city of San Marcos
    Graduated from San Marcos High School
    Attended the University of San Marcos
    Credentials: Multiple Subject-BCLAD, CLAD authorization
                         Single Subject Authorization- English
                         Masters in Education