Safe School Plan 2015-2016

    Principal’s Safety Assurance Statement

    Foothills High School


    The Foothills High School Safe School Plan is written and designed to ensure the safety of all students and staff and to create and maintain a positive and nurturing school climate. Creating a safe school plan is a long-term, comprehensive process developed and approved by the Safe Schools Committee and School Site Council.  This vital document is to be used by school personnel to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Foothills High School is a safe alternative high school environment on a day-to-day basis, due to the strong commitment of teachers, staff, students, and community. One of the goals of the staff of FHS is to connect students to the school community and to provide connections for students who feel isolated or are experiencing problems. All stakeholders work together to create an environment where students and staff feel truly connected. 


    Three essential components were addressed while writing the comprehensive school plan and include:


    Characteristics of Students and Staff

    • Extended hours available - provided by First 5 San Diego
    • Continued professional development opportunities for teachers and staff
    • School Newsletter which is mailed and posted online
    • Monthly Student Collaboration Team Meetings
    • Orientation Program
    • Attendance Incentives
    • Educational Field Trips for academic success and exemplary behavior
    • Lessons on internet safety will be included in Orientation
    • SOS Team – System of Support: counselor, vocational coach, social worker and teacher
    • District nurse works very closely with staff, students and babies
    • Public health nurse
    • SANDAPP – San Diego Pregnant and Parenting Student Support


    Physical Environment

    • A disaster preparedness plan to respond quickly and responsibly to emergencies, disasters and events that threaten student safety
    • Safety drills, siren and alarm checks
    • Access to School Resource Officer
    • Student attendance interventions
    • Part-time custodian
    • Support of district Facilities Director



    School Culture

    • Teachers available/visible every day for parents and students
    • Open and caring relationships between students and staff members
    • Frequent communication between staff and parents about student issues
    • After School classes: young parent choices, domestic violence, substance abuse, child abuse, bullying prevention, healthy lifestyle, gang prevention…
    • Graduation Success Bulletin Board in main office
    • Part time counselor to refer and support all students and families with both on campus and off campus services
    • Casa de Amparo Support
    • Active ELAC and Family Empowerment Groups in the evening which will include trainings information on bullying



    Foothills High School administration, office staff and security team monitor progress throughout the school year to ensure compliance with the California Education code, according to governing board policies.



    Through these three components, Foothills High School offers help to students who are experiencing problems with academic, social, or at-risk behavior and hopes to make a difference in the lives of all of our valuable, at-risk students, helping them become successful and productive citizens.






    Mary Bunker

    Principal – Foothills High School
Last Modified on August 11, 2015