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    Hello!  My name is Dan Settle and I am the instructor for the Criminal Justice Academy at Mission Hills High School.  In my previous career, I worked with the San Diego Sheriff's Department for 16 years.  I joined the Sheriff's Department in 1993 and retired in 2009.  During my tenure with the Sheriff's Department, I worked a variety of assignments which included corrections, patrol, traffic, and K-9.  I was ultimately promoted to a patrol sergeant and was assigned to the Vista patrol station for the majority of my career. 

    The Criminal Justice Academy is part of the Career Technical Education Program and is designed to give students an introduction to the criminal justice system.  It is a two year program for which students are able to earn college credits from Palomar College. Throughout the course of this program, students will be introduced to a wide variety of topics associated with the criminal justice system.  These topics include, but are not limited to, the following:  crime statutes, laws of arrest, criminal justice system history, crime theories, ethics, leadership, physical fitness, report writing, radio codes, investigative techniques, fingerprinting, crime scene investigation, and courtroom testimony to name a few.   
    My goal is to provide all students with an informative and interactive learning environment.  Students will be expected to complete a variety of written and oral speaking assignments.  They will also be expected to promote a respectful learning environment and to maintain high ethical standards. 
    If you have further questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My email address is dan.settle@smusd.org
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