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    ​NEW INFO:​
    We have attached our "preferred list" for you to use. You can use this to select who you want to add to your "preferred list". If there is someone on ours that you prefer NOT to have, just don't add them to your list (remember, some of you love some subs and want them on our list, some of you don't. Now you can customize your own list). If you click the heart  next to a subs name it will call those first from your list. 
    Here is the call order:
    1. Your preferred subs with a  next to it, then...
    2. All other subs on your preferred list, then....
    3. All subs on our preferred list, then....
    4. All subs in subland to get the job filled.​
    *The time frame between each order depends on how much time Aesop has to fill the job. If you put in a sub tonight for tomorrow - it will stay with each of the orders less time than if it had a week to fill.
    See correction below!!
    • The most IMPORTANT change for teachers is WE WILL NO LONGER BE ENTERING ABSENCES FOR YOU. You will request any and all absences beginning April 6th.
    • Any absence you already requested with us and is in the absence book on Patty's desk will automatically be in Aesop and you DO NOT need to re-enter this absence.
    • So far, we will have all absences 
      ​entered ​
      in Aesop from the sub book through April. Any jobs for May and June THAT ARE ALREADY IN THE SUB BOOK will be entered after break. 
    • You may come and look at 
      ​the sub​
       book anytime - we are of course saturated with emails and trying to learn this system
      ​. I
      f your not sure about 
      ​future absences​
      , please come take a look!
    • You can "pre-arrange" a sub by selecting ASSIGNED. You "assign" Suzy to be your sub means you have talked to her and she will be here and Aesop will send Suzy an email confirmation.  
      ​SORRY! We just discovered you CANNOT ASSIGN a sub. Grrrrr....we found this out only by logging in as a teacher as we see something completely different than you.
    • Make your favorite sub list!
      ​ It will hit that first!​
    • Watch the videos - we will need to as well. If you watch all the videos, it will be 24 minutes total