• Welcome to Mrs. Brewster and Ms. Miller's Class Website! 

    Name: Kacie Brewster & Crystal Miller
    Email Address: kacie.brewster@smusd.org and crystal.miller1@smusd.org
    Phone number: (760) 290-2700 x3660

    If you need extra help check the weekly schedule in the classroom for what days we will be available before school, at lunch or after school this week.

    Test Retake Policy

    Quizzes will be given during most units to check for individual content mastery. There will be no quiz retakes, if a test score demonstrates mastery of previously quizzed material, that test score may be used to replace that quiz score. Tests will be given at the end of units to demonstrate individual content mastery. Test retakes and quiz score replacement will be available for full credit upon student completion of teacher requirements.

    Retakes for all unit tests are available until the week before the semester final.


    How to Retake (You must complete one of these options)

    1. Complete all homework and verify answers with answer keys
    1. Correct each question you got wrong on the original test during specified tutoring
    2. Complete the Khan Academy “Concepts” for the Unit independently 


    Extra Support

    We offer tutoring throughout the week; the tutoring schedule will be posted weekly in the classroom. 

    Please ask for help if you are feeling lost or confused.  You need to take responsibility for your own learning but we are here to help.   

    Use the online resources from Khan Academy or our textbook.  You will be able to find the links on the class website.