• San Marcos Education Foundation


    Dear San Marcos Unified School District Parent or Guardian,


    As parents or guardians of students in the San Marcos Unified SchoolDistrict, we are all painfully aware of the lack of adequate funding from thestate to support the curriculum and initiatives needed to provide the besteducation to our children.  Did you knowthat there is an organization in San Marcos with a mission to close the gap infunding?  In 1982, the San MarcosEducational Foundation (SMEF) was formed by a core of San Marcosparents, teachers, and community leaders to provide grants to teachers.The goal of the foundation is to provide direct financial support to teachersfor the procurement of enhanced curriculum for needed classroom projects. 

    The San Marcos Educational Foundation (SMEF) is pleased to announce theresults of our 2012-2013 Curriculum Enrichment Grants to SMUSD faculty.  SMEF will be funding 34 of the 89 grantapplications. Sixteen district schoolswill be receiving awards totaling $20,516. This year was a SMEF record for the number of applications received andfor the amount of money awarded.  In theFoundation’s 30 year history, we have distributed over $400,000 to schools withinthe district. 


    As evidenced by the increased number of grant requests received, theneed for additional funds in the schools continues to grow.  You can help!  Donate toSMEF.  We are a 501-C (3), non-profitorganization.  Donations to SMEF are taxdeductible and may qualify for corporate matching gifts from your employer.  There are several ways to donate:


    1.      Online:  http://www.smeducationalfoundation.org/donations

    2.      Send a check to:

    San MarcosEducational Foundation

    P. O. Box 1332

    San Marcos, CA  92079


    You can also help by becoming a member of the board.  Occasionally, board positions becomeavailable.  If you are interested inbecoming a SMEF board member, please send an e-mail to: info@smeducationalfoundation.org.


    A little bit more about SMEF:  The foundation’s mission is to enhance andenrich the classroom programs of SMUSD while working within the establishedcurriculum.  SMEF supports programs inlevelsK-12 which fall within the adopted state curriculum guidelines. Annualfunding is available for items and programs not normally funded by thedistrict.

    SMEF is a nonprofit, tax exempt, corporation operating independently of thedistrict with its own board of directors. The foundation's funds are generatedthrough tax deductible contributions from businesses, individuals, foundations,payroll deductions, and annual fundraisers.  Over 98% of donated funds go directly tosupport the classrooms and libraries in the SMUSD.  To find out more about us, please go to ourwebsite: http://www.smeducationalfoundation.org/home.



    Dr. Richard M. Skay

    SMEF President