• Stay tuned for more information about the 2018 Expert Fair


    Welcome to the 4th annual LCM Expert Fair!

    We are looking for 4th and 5th grade students who have become or will become experts in an area of passionate interest that goes above and beyond what their class mates and same age peers already know!

    The Expert Fair may be a great fit for you if you...







    We are looking for experts on a variety of subjects! We suggest you choose 2 or 3 topics to submit as we can only have one in each category. First come, first served! That means whoever turns in the completed outline and permission slip first, will receive priority if 2 different people want the same topic. Before you decide, please make sure you can meet the deadlines for these important dates:

    Important Dates:

    Week of May 23rd: Packets available for pick up in Room 7.

     Tuesday, May 30th: Permission Slips and Outlines Due in Room 7 by the end of the day.  (Absolutely NO late entries will be considered)

     Wednesday, May 31st: Acceptance Notification delivered to Teacher's Mailboxes

     Wednesday, June 14th at lunch: Coaching Day (This is mandatory. Please do not sign up for the Expert Fair if you will be out of town or have another commitment)

     Friday, June 16, 2017: The Expert Fair!


    1.      Who can be in the Expert Fair?

    Students in 4th and 5th grade who are current with all class work, can work independently, are dependable, and have both teacher and parent permission.
    2.   Can you work with friends?
    Yes.  Students may work in partner groups.  (2 max!)
    3.   How many students can work together?
    Two. Only 2. You and a friend. In order to be a true “expert”, smaller groups are more ideal.  Bigger groups will not allow individuals to become “masters” of their topic.  (See answer to Question 2 above if you are still not sure)


    4.   If you work with a friend do you both have to have the permission slip signed?

    Yes. Both teachers and parents must sign for each student who wants to participate because you  will be missing the entire morning on the day of the Expert Fair.


    5.      What if I forget to turn in my permission slip or outline by Tuesday, May 30th?

    The world will not end but you won't be able to participate in the Expert Fair. Sorry. You must meet this deadline. Students must turn in permission slips and outlines to Mrs. Smith in Room 7 by the end of the day on Tuesday, May 30th.


    6.      What kind of topics are you looking for?

    Try to think of something you know or are interested in that most people your age have not learned about or may be curious about. Stay away from common animals, biographies, and subjects typically learned in school. Use your imagination and find something you are passionate about because you will spend a lot of time researching and preparing. Think of a new topic that hasn't been presented in the last few years. * (See list of some of the past topics at the end of this packet) What have you been reading about outside of class that has piqued your interest? By Coaching Day, you should know enough about your topic to speak intelligently about it and answer questions without reading word for word from your note cards.


    7.      What should my presentation look like?

    Please see Display Board Guidelines on the Website. If you use a Powerpoint or other presentation, please do not read your entire speech or type it onto your power point. Your display should be eye catching but your audience needs you to be conversational as you teach them.


    8.      What should I wear?

    Dress up! Costumes or nice clothes will help set the tone and make you feel and look more professional. You will also need to make or find a pointer to use as you refer to board. (No laser pointers please!)


    9.      Can my parents help me?

    Yes and no. Your parents may not write, type, or give in to any whining on this project! Remember, it’s your project! The process is as important as the product. The idea is to learn from and enjoy this! Parents may come and assist if you need help with props. They can also help with encouragement and guidance. They may also volunteer!


    10. Where will Coaching Day be held?

    Coaching Day will be held in Room 7 on Wednesday, June 14th at lunch. You will present your Display Board, some of your speech, and get some final tips to streamline your presentation before the Fair. You will get more information about Coaching Day if your Topic has been approved.

    List of Recent Topics:

    Great Barrier Reef

    History of Legos

    History of Jelly Belly

    Greek Mythology

    Retinal impulses

    Mariano Trench

    Sugar Glider

    Fainting Goats


    Waffle Cones

    Galapagos Islands



    British Throne

    Movie making

    Edible Plants


    World War II Vehicles


    iPad 3

    Spider Crab


    Toll House Cookie

    Dr. Seuss


    Seven Man Made Wonders

    Kelp Beds


    The Sterling Engine

    The History of Gum

    Play Dough

    Nascar Cup Engine

    Optical Illusions


    Acai Berry

    Introvert vs Extrovert