• Positive Behavior and Intervention System   
    At Knob Hill we use a positive behavior system which systematically teaches students the correct behaviors in each situation they may encounter.   Our school year begins with an overview of each of the school areas and appropriate behaviors.  Once we have begun the process weekly lessons teach students appropriate behavior and give students an opportunity to practice the correct behaviors in the various locations.
    Rules are kept to a minimum.  We have only three rules which students can apply to all aspects of their daily life here at school:
    Be Safe
    Be Responsible
    Be Respectful
    Students who are demonstrating safety, responsibility, and respectfulness are rewarded with Hawk Tickets.  Hawk tickets may be saved up  and "spent" on a variety of fun opportunities.
    10 Hawk Tickets -- Go to the front of the lunch line
    20 Hawk Tickets -- Extra Hawk recess (once a month)
    25 Hawk Tickets - Get a prize from the office
    50 Hawk Tickets -  Picnic lunch with the Principal/Asst. Principal
    100 Hawk Tickets - Principal buys you lunch