Mrs. Marie Isaac (on Maternity Leave)

    Mr.Matthew Hidalgo

    7th Grade Math
    San Eljio Middle School
    Phone Number:(760)290-2800
    for immediate assistance, call the front office
    Email: matthew.hidalgo@smusd.org

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      **Office Hours**  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 2:30 - 2:50
    Mrs. Isaac is available during Office Hours for homework help, discuss grades, turn in late assignments, discuss absent work etc
    Google Classroom Password:
    Period 1:     m1mx8sh
    Period 2:     5lnftp
    Period 3:     d3wdzli
    Period 4:     6wezff


    Hi Everyone! 
     Let's have a fantastic year!  You will learn to be problem solvers, independent thinkers and brilliant mathematicians!  Be ready to learn, work hard and enjoy Math! 
    I use this website regularly to communicate with students and families.  Please make sure to check the calendar daily for homework, upcoming tests, lesson plans and other important information!



    ase come to school prepared, well rested and ready to learn each day.