• Welcome to Mrs. Donegan's Classroom

    Back to School 2017-2018

    Welcome to 2nd grade!  I'm so happy to work with your family this year!  Please fill out the forms below before the 1st day!  Don't forget to check out the All About Me page and the Supply Wishlist! 


    1. Back to School Questions  

    2. Parent Volunteer

    I am so lucky to have such a diverse group of learners every year with different needs.  In order to meet the needs of everyone and to make sure all students are engaged and challenged, I need your help!


    You are welcome to split a day (for example, every other Wednesday you volunteer) or take an entire day (for example, you come EVERY Wednesday to volunteer).  


    Monday - Friday volunteers will typically work with a small group of students in the back during Language Arts rotations.  This will be part of the morning rotations, so each group of students will visit you.  You may be working on reading comprehension, writing, a reading skill, or other resources.

     Copy Parent would be up in the office making copies and prepping materials.  This typically takes around 1 hour...perfect for anyone who wants to volunteer...but not have to be in the classroom. 

    3. Friday Family Reader- sign up coming soon


    First Week Reminders

    We have PE on the first day of school, please dress appropriately.  

    On hot days, students may bring water bottles without ice, inside the classroom.  

    Parents may walk their child to his or her classroom until Thursday. Closed campus starts on Friday.

    Back to School Night for 2nd grade is Thursday at 6:15-7:00 in room 301.


    Pick Up 


    If you are picking up your child, we will meet at the front gate.  We will be on the other side of the gate and students will be released when I see you.  I will walk the students up to the gate for the first couple of weeks of school.  

    If you are driving up, your child will sit in the drive up zone.
    If your child is meeting a sibling, the older sibling will need to come pick up your 2nd grader at the gate.  
    If your child is going to the back gate and is meeting a sibling, he or she will need to meet any sibling at the back gate.  
    Unfortunately, students will not be able to meet siblings or friends at the classroom as there will be no supervision. 
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