• School Main Entrance
    Off Elfin Forest and San Elijo Road (Next to Library)
    Open 8:00 AM-2:00 PM
    Phone: 760-290-2820 
    • Entrance/Exit for Visitors & Staff
    • Late Arrivals
    • Dropping off items for student (Lunch, Homework, band instrument)
    • Picking up student for appointment or going home early
    (3) 10 minute Parking spots near New School Entrance
    (2) 10 minute Parking spots near Bus Loading Zone 
    Before 8:00 AM, all gates to school are open for access with supervision.
    After 8:00 AM, gates are closed for safety and school starting and School Main Entrance Opens.
    After 2:00 PM, please exit behind 300 building (Exit only) Front & Main gates open soon for dismissal. 
    Attendance Office and Campus Supervisor Offices are inside next to School Main Entrance for assistance.