• Welcome to Room 19

    Welcome to Room 19, Reading and Math Intervention. We are bananas about books and nuts about numbers! This is going to be such a fun year to learn and grow. 

    Check out the websites on the right to find fun learning websites for your child. 

    The most important thing you can do with your child to help improve their reading is to...READ!! Read to them. Read with them. Let them read to you.  It doesn't matter, it all helps.  It doesn't even have to be in English.  Reading to and with your child in ANY language helps them. 
    To master math, the trick is to practice, practice, practice.  Create fun ways to use numbers and math in everyday life, such as grocery shopping, cooking and yes, even sorting laundry. 

    Feel free to come in, email or call me with any questions.  I am on campus from 10:00- 1:30 everyday.

    Word Games

    Alphabet Games  

     Mary Ann DeSando
    (760) 290-3119