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    Name: Jennifer Otillio
    Email Address: jennifer.otillio@smusd.org   
    Phone number: 760-290-2455 ext. #3510

    Thanks for your interest in the Gardening Club at Woodland Park Middle School. My name is Jennifer Otillio and I am excited to get to share my passion for gardening with students here.

    About a year ago my youngest daughter was taking an environmental science class. Through a class research project she learned that Monarch Butterflies have become highly endangered over the past decade. Scientists tracking their numbers have noticed a sharp decline in their populations—due primarily to their habitat being decimated by human expansion.

    This inspired me to envision a habitat here at our school where students could learn basic gardening skills and we could hopefully make a positive impact in our community by providing a haven for Monarch Butterflies.

    We will be planting species of milkweed that are native to Southern California (Asclepias Eriocarpa and Asclepias fascicularis). The garden will be planted on the fenced in slope between the campus and Woodland Park.

    Meeting times:

    We will meet many, but not all, Fridays right after school at room 302. Meeting days will be announced on WPTV in the days leading up to the meeting. We will work in the garden as needed. More maintenance is expected as milkweed plants become established. Work sessions will conclude about 3:00 – 3:15 PM.  Students can be picked up near the garden area and you can park in the upper lot near the Historic Wood House—on the way to the public pool.

    Requirements to be part of the club:

    ·         Foremost is a good attitude and willingness for hard work. Students must treat all members of the club (and me!) with respect. We will be handling gardening tools so a level of responsibility is important.

    ·         Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Many pairs of gardening gloves will be provided but students are encouraged to bring their own gloves and a hat if they wish.

    ·         Students need not attend every meeting. Workers with a good attitude are welcome to every work session but they must have a permission slip.

    How can you help?

    All parent volunteers are welcome. I also welcome donations of milkweed plants that are native to our region (listed above). Although many nurseries carry the species Aslepias Curassavica I am not currently planning to include this species. Since they are not native to our region their benefit to Monarch Butterflies is currently controversial and under further research.

    During vacations like spring or winter break I could use help watering the garden.


    Other helpful donations:

    ·         Milkweed seed balls (I can guide you on how/where to purchase)

    ·         Compost

    ·         Gardening tools (loaned is fine)

    ·         Gift cards to Home Depot or Green Thumb Nursery

    ·         Worm compost

     ·        Bottled drinking water for hot work days

    Quick Links

    A Monarch laying eggs on a milkweed plant A Monarch butterfly laying eggs on a milkweed plant