2017-2018 Double Peak School Kids on Campus (KOC)

  • Dear Double Peak KOC Families,

    We are happy to welcome you to our KOC center at Double Peak School. As you get to know the layout of the school, we would like to orient you to the layout and drop-off/pick-up procedures for KOC.
    The KOC (K-3) room is located in room E132 near the small play structure in the kindergarten area. The room is inside the building and must be accessed through the hallway. All KOC students will be based in this room. All parents will also sign in and out in this room and snack will be served from here. 
    Room E132 can be reached by phone at 760-290-2356.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Lynda McDonell at 760-752-1281.