• In StudentVUE, you can access your grades and assignments and email your teachers. We recommend that you review your grades each week. If you have any questions, contact your School Counselor or go directly in to Counseling Office.

    To Login:
    1. Click on icon >> StudentVUE  or type in https://sdhome.sdcoe.net/SanMarcos/Login_student_PXP.aspx
    2. USERNAME:  Student ID number, example: 65001234
    3. PASSWORD: Student birth date this format: YYYYMMDD, example: 20050822

    School Counselors
    Last names A-F: Mrs. Celena Breining, celena.breining@smusd.org, 760-290-2809
    Last names G-M: Mr. Nick Vega, nicholas.vega@smusd.org, 760-290-2829
    Last names N-Z: Mrs. Caroline O'Connor, caroline.o'connor@smusd.org, 760-290-2838