Suicide Prevention Resources for Parents

  • “Talking about suicide is the first step in trying to avoid it. It’s the act which may break through the terrible isolation that a kid who is feeling so much pain and so desperate would be experiencing.” 

    Dr. David Bergman, Kids on the Brink: Understanding the Teen Suicide Epidemic

Talking to Your Kids About Suicide

  • Every parent would like to believe that suicide is not relevant to them or their family or friends. Unfortunately, it’s all too relevant for all of us. It’s the 3rd leading cause of death in adolescents and the 2nd for college aged students. Even more disturbing are national surveys that tell us that 17% of high school students admit to thinking about suicide and almost 8% acknowledge actually making an attempt.  

    Once you acknowledge that suicide is as much risk for your child as not wearing a seat belt while driving, or using alcohol or drugs, or engaging in risky sexual behavior, you’ve taken the first step in prevention. You talk to your children about these other behaviors which can put them at personal risk, and suicide is no different. (Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide)