Hello Students and Families! Welcome to Mrs. Pistone's Page!

    Name: Heather Pistone
    Email Address: heather.pistone@smusd.org
    Phone number: 760-290-2800 x 3913

    Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts and Reading at San Elijo Middle School
    I am looking forward to geting to know each of you!  I grew up loving literature and writing, and that love never stopped. As a kid I remember getting lost in books and feeling like I had met people from all over the world by reading their stories.  I studied English, Writing, and Literature as an undergrad at SDSU, then went back to learn more, and earned a Master's Degree in American Literature!  My love of English and teaching young learners has brought me to San Elijo Middle School.  My hope is that each of my students will see how writing, literature, and stories carry over from the page to the world at large.

    I learn best when I am solving a problem, especially if I am with friends. 
    *Learning Style - Kinesthetic Learner  * Learning Intelligence - Nature Learner 
    Strengths: *Individualization * Strategic * Achiever * Responsibility * Woo
    Myers Briggs:  *Extroverted * Intuitive * Thinker * Perceiver​