•  McCredie, Shelby

    As a professional educator, I enjoy serving the needs of my learners. I develop routines and structure to help them foster their own academic independence. My kinesthetic intelligence makes my classroom a place where learners can cultivate their fine motor skills to process and retain information. As an English teacher, I enjoy exploring and developing my love of words. I also appreciate reflection on what my learners have read in fiction and Non-fiction. The reflection helps me gain an understanding of where they are according to the text. I focus on the learner’s interests and personal growth to help them become active problem solvers by reflecting on their own experiences. Because society is consistently changing, new knowledge is vital to make our future better than our past. I want my learners to live authentically, and individual choice in learning is my priority. I believe that learners must define themselves through personal choices to become independent thinkers. I am an advocate for my learners because they are our future.


    Attached below is a link to my website and the contact information at which you can reach me.


    Twitter: SMcCredie2

    Email: shelby.mccredie@smusd.org