• SEES Yearbook needs pictures


    Uploading Images from Mobile Devices
    Method 1:
    Log into Yearbook Avenue from your device. The three white lines in the upper left corner will bring up the menus of Plan, Create, etc.  Choose Create and you can access the image library like you normally do from a computer.
    On your mobile device, you can access your ladder, image library and more. The only component you can’t access is the page designer, although most folks don’t want to design pages on a 4-6 inch screen anyway!
    This is a great way for your staffers to go out and take photos with their phones, and then upload them right to the image library. They can also email the photos to themselves and then upload them, but uploading them directly from the mobile device saves a step.
    Method 2:
    Use the ReplayIt app or ReplayIt website. The app and website allows students and parents to take yearbook pictures for you and they are automatically uploaded to your image library (but they can’t see your image library). All photos are screened (by humans) for content before uploading. Anything deemed inappropriate will not be uploaded. Our screeners look for middle fingers, hand signs, inappropriate content on clothing (or in the background, weapons, and more. If you want to learn more about ReplayIt check out the attached PDF. We can also talk about it in our next meeting.
    All ReplayIt users must register before they can upload photos. This way you can track who is uploading images, have their email address, etc. If you find someone is uploading fabulous photos, you can email them and ask them to send you more. Users who are uploading inappropriate photos can also be blocked.